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50 - 80% cheaper than going to a traditional law firm.
Initial legal advice made simple with a process that makes sense
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Although there may be a bit more back-and-forth to make sure we're giving you an accurate quote, the process to getting advice from us is very simple and broadly consists of three steps:

  1. Tell us what you need assistance with or legal advice about, either using our contact form or by email at You can even WhatsApp us!

  2. We obtain further details from you and provide you with a quote

  3. We draft your advice and show you a preview of it. Once you have made payment we send it to you either through our secure portal or by email.

For more detailed information on how the process works, please read below.

Simple.  Approachable.  Affordable.


Contact Us

If you're in need of some legal advice, contact us using our Get in Touch form or send an email to


Further Details

We will consider the details you have provided and what advice you need.  We may ask you for some further information by email or arrange a phone call, as well as request certain types of documentation from you.



After we have received the further information and considered what documentation exists, we will provide you with a clear estimate of how much our advice is likely to cost.  This will always be based upon how much time we estimate it will take to consider your documents in detail and draft your advice, at our hourly rate.


Send Us Your Documents

If you are happy with the estimate, we will send you an invite to our secure client portal where you will be able to provide some personal details, setup your client file using our automated system and upload the documents we have requested.  Your invitation will be emailed to you.



Once your client profile is setup and we have received your documents, we will look through them to make sure that the volume and complexity of advice is what we expected.  At this point, we may revise our estimate if there are considerably more documents than we anticipated, or the advice is likely to be more complicated than we thought. Either way, we will confirm any changes in a formalised quotation.



If you are happy with the quotation, we will draft your advice, show you a preview of it and request payment of our invoice. Once you have ​paid our invoice, your advice will be made available to download from our secure portal or we can send it to you by email if you would prefer



If having considered our advice you have follow-up questions, we can provide answers to those questions. We would also be happy to refer you to one of our legal partners who may take things further with you, should you decide to take positive action with legal assistance from a traditional firm.

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