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  • What is your mission?
    Our mission is to make quality but affordable initial legal advice made more accessible to more individuals and businesses.
  • What do you offer?
    Our goal is to provide you with initial advice that gives you a better understanding of the position you or you business are in (e.g. where you stand in a dispute), or explains how to achieve a particular goal (e.g. providing guidance on the pros and cons of different structures for your new business). We offer initial legal advice and limited document drafting to complement that advice.
  • What is the catch?
    We don't see it as a catch necessarily, but our offering is generally limited to the provision of initial legal advice only. We may draft limited classes of documents for you provided it does not constitute a "reserved legal activity" (don't worry - we'll let you know in advance if that is likely to be the case). However, we will not offer other types of follow-up work such as negotiation with other parties in litigation, attending Court on your behalf or dealing in property transactions. For more info, see the "Our Services" category.
  • Are you a regulated law firm?
    AdviceHub does not carry out reserved legal activities and is not registered with the Solicitor's Regulation Authority as a firm. If you would like further information, please feel free to contact us with any questions.
  • What services do you offer?
    We only offer initial legal advice in a range of practice areas. There are some legal topics on which we will not offer advice since to do so would be carrying out a reserved legal activity.
  • I'm not sure if you can help me or not?
    If you are unsure about whether our service is for you or whether we can help you at all, feel free to just ask us. We will quickly identify whether what you are looking for is something we can assist you with.
  • I am having a dispute with [name/company], can you help me?
    Absolutely. We can provide you with advice about the legal strength of your position, arguments you may wish to raise and potential steps you may wish to consider taking. We cannot act on your behalf by corresponding with the individual or business you are having a dispute with, nor can we draft documents relevant to the litigation process. If you are unsure, be sure to get in touch and we will let you know either way!
  • Can you draft [name/type of] document for me?
    Our service offering is limited to the provision of initial legal advice. In certain circumstances we can advise you as to which documents you ought to draft and/or complete, but we cannot draft documents on your behalf. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions to this rule.
  • How do I obtain legal advice from you?
    Please fill in our "Get in Touch" contact form or send an email to: Make sure to include as much detail as you can. We will take it from there. For more information, please see the "Our Process" page, which provides both an overview and more detail on the way we will deliver advice to you.
  • I am a supplier or other interested party, how do I contact you?
    Please email our general email address:
  • Where should I send legal correspondence?
    General legal communications may be sent to: (we would be grateful if you could make it clear in the subject line that the email has a legal context) Please note that we do not accept service by email unless agreed beforehand. In the absence of such confirmation, please serve all legal documents at our registered address.
  • I am interested in working with you in a drafting role, how can I contact you?
    If you are a qualified solicitor or have been admitted to the Bar, and have a current practising certificate, please contact us at: Please use the subject line "Consultant Opportunities".
  • We are interested in receiving referrals from you or referring work to you; who should we contact?
    Please email initially or contact us through WhatsApp to initiate a conversation.
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