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affordable, quality legal advice for individuals and small businesses

AdviceHub provides more affordable access to legal advice in the United Kingdom for individuals and businesses. The Law Society guidelines recommend traditional law firms to charge anywhere from £233 to £371 per hour (plus VAT) for a solicitor with 4 years' experience, depending on location (some charge more!). We charge a flat rate of  £70 per hour  to all clients and our advice is drafted solely by qualified solicitors and barristers.


How do we do this? Read on to find out more or simply get in touch with us! If you have any questions, we aim to make contacting us as accessible and approachable as possible. Feel free to send us an email, use our chat function or send us a message on WhatsApp.

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legal advice only

At AdviceHub, our goal is to provide quality and affordable legal advice to individuals and businesses, drafted exclusively by qualified solicitors or barristers, and at a fraction of the hourly rates offered by traditional law firms.

Our legal advice will give you a better understanding of the position you or your business are in.


a formal advice note can be a very useful thing

Some people value the reassurance of knowing where they stand in a dispute or the options that might be available to them in certain circumstances.  Others may wish to tackle the problem themselves, albeit armed with the knowledge our advice gives them.  Some even wish to use our advice as a low-cost way to check whether it is worth going to a traditional firm for a full service. Finally, some of our clients are simply seeking peace of mind in a particular situation.

Whatever the reason you need legal advice, AdviceHub can help you.

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AdviceHub will provide you or your business with low cost and affordable legal advice you can rely on. We keep our overheads to a minimum, and by limiting our service offering to the provision of legal advice we can provide that advice to you at a more affordable price.

As an advice-only service intended to make legal advice more affordable, we will not provide follow-up legal services such as drafting documents or running claims for you. However, we will tell you where you stand (or how to achieve a particular goal) in an easy to understand format, for a much more affordable outlay. We will also offer follow-up advice where required.

Advice Hub logo with a stylised speech bubble and the slogan "low cost legal advice"

Get in in touch with us

To take the first step on your journey to obtaining legal advice, why not get in touch with us using the form below! Alternatively, you can chat to us using the chat button in the bottom right or on WhatApp to ask any questions you may have any decide whether we are a good fit for your needs. We look forward to speaking with you!

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